Egypt Telecom Corporation

Since our start up, our vision is becoming a reality. We have built a reputation as Solution Provider Leader, and we continue to build on this reputation of excellence in both business results and clients satisfaction. Our company values, our esteemed clients, our valued partners and our incredible staff are what have fuelled our growth and success.


EGYPT TELECOM is a premier Triple Play and FTTX solution provider, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. Empowered by our strategic alliances with world-class vendors, we offers state-of-the-art solutions catered to the specific needs of each industry.

Our Services

With a unique background in FTTX (Fiber-to-the-X) Technology and GPON, as well as the ever-evolving realm of Triple Play services, smart solutions and integrated digital marketing, we understand the intricacies of the digital multiverse. Our talented and diverse teams, whom we affectionately moniker, “Telecomers,” are primed to be your premier, full-service technology providers.

Our Expertise

In our ambitious expansion plan, EGYPT TELECOM manages large-scaled projects, providing the design, architecture, development, integration, and operational support of complex technology solutions to serve its clients ′ business-critical needs and transform visions to value.

Our Approach

By leveraging its industry knowledge and technology expertise, EGYPT TELECOM consultative approach will ensure that our services are aligned with your business needs and goals, presently, but also moving into the future.

Our Unique Experience in implementing FTTH GPON Technology for advanced triple-play and multi-play services platform and services Next Generation Network (NGN) one of the main drives to focus mainly in Real Estate marketing introducing the Digital Compounds concept to our esteemed customer.